Support Our Sisters Program

Looking for a way to help pay your way to Conclave 2019? It’s super simple to do. A simple program which is geared towards supporting our fraternal sisters.

This program is designed to incentivize a DeMolay to support our sister organizations Michigan Job’s Daughters and Michigan Rainbow. In recognition of a DeMolay’s participation, participants will earn points that will be tallied throughout the length of the program term. At the end of the program’s term, the winner(s) will be informed of the prize level if more than one is available. The program is on a voluntary basis and should not be forced upon by other DeMolay or Advisors. To be eligible for this incentive program, the participant must be an active member of a Michigan DeMolay Chapter or Michigan DeMolay Member-at-Large and have received both the Initiatory and DeMolay degrees. Michigan DeMolay State Councilors and Michigan DeMolay State Officers are excluded from this program.

To participate in the program, the participant must complete the paperwork the day of the event. The forms must be submitted to any member of the Michigan DeMolay Ad Staff. It will be the responsibility of that Ad Staff member to inform the Program Chairperson. If information on the form is missing, it may result in zero points gained. Any falsified submissions could result in forfeiting all points and loss of participation in the program.

A valid submission must include the following information:

  1. The date of the event is the date that the event occurred.
  2. Name of the participant including first and last name.
  3. Chapter Name of which the participant is a member in good standing.
  4. The event the participant is attending such as an installation, fun event, fundraiser, etc.
  5.  Advisor’s name and signature comes from the hosting Assembly Mother Advisor, hosting Bethel Guardian or Associate Guardian. Other applicable signatures include the State Rainbow Mother, State Rainbow Dad, Grand Guardian or Associate Grand Guardian, or their approved designee.
  6. Name and signature of the DeMolay adult responsible of the participant at the event (parent/legal guardian, Chapter Advisor, or member of the Michigan DeMolay Ad Staff)

For additional questions please feel free to contact:

‘Mom’ Cheryl Stewart  – Program Chairperson

‘Dad’ Danny Myers

‘Dad’ Jeff Stewart

Download your form here today and get started earning points.