We believe that everyone has untold potential; therefore DeMolay provides opportunities to develop character and leadership skills through practice and example in a safe; empowering environment.

The order of DeMolay is a young men’s fraternal organization which was founded upon the basic principles of love of God, love of parents, and love of country.

It tries to introduce these teachings to its members in various ways through the exercise of the seven cardinal virtues which compliment each other in rounding out and completing each DeMolay’s character.

Those seven virtues are:

  • Love of parents
  • Love of God
  • Courtesy
  • Comradeship
  • Fidelity
  • Cleanness
  • Patriotism

More than that, it’s a youth group where the youth run the show! The members of each chapter decide what THEY want to do, and how THEY want to do it! It’s a great experience, and a lot of fun!