DeMolay History

The name “DeMolay” comes from a thirteenth century French hero named Jacques DeMolay, who was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. King Philip “the Fair” of France, who was interested in obtaining the vast wealth and land of the Templars, devised a plan which included arresting and torturing the members of the order, and thereby leaving him in control of their assets.

After being arrested and subjected to seven horrible years of inquisition and torture by Philip, DeMolay was put to death by order of the “fair” king because of his refusal to reveal the names of his fellow comrades, and for his fidelity to the ideals of his order. King Philip ordered DeMolay and one of his faithful preceptors, Guy of Auvergne, to be burned at the stake as a final demonstration of Philip’s authority.

Centuries later, in 1919, a Kansas City Freemason named Frank S. Land, noticed a need for a young men’s organization in the Kansas City area. After meeting with a local youth named Louis Lower, Land arranged a meeting with several other area youths at the Kansas City Scottish Rite building. With Land’s guidance and the ambition of the young men, the Order of DeMolay was born.

Almost instantaneously, the popularity of the new Order grew and in no time at all, there were chapters in every state in the union and soon there were even chapters abroad.

For over 80 years now, the Order of DeMolay has continued to teach it’s member’s the basic principles of life which will help prepare any young man for a good and clean manhood, and which will help them to develop a greater love and respect for their God, parents and country.

In its history, the Order of DeMolay has boasted a strong membership and has long lists of successful and influential members. Many notable figures of America’s past and present were members of the Order of DeMolay, such as Walt Disney, John Wayne, Pete Rose, John Steinbeck, Bill Clinton, Mel Blanc, Walter Cronkite and many, many others.

Michigan DeMolay History

Since 1922, Michigan DeMolay has provided a place for young men to hone their skills and build new talents in order to become the leaders of Tomorrow. Here you can take a step back through the pages of history, and view some of the names, by whose legacies this organization has continued to grow and prosper.