The following is a list of awards that DeMolays can earn within the organization. They encompass a number of fields including membership, leadership and self-improvement. These are achievements to be worked toward, a goal or a recognition to be earned. For Awards application and information, “Click Here.

Leadership Awards

Representative DeMolay

The Representative DeMolay Award is the highest self-achievement award Active and Senior DeMolays can earn. It’s a self-assessment program where you progress towards goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey of your interests, achievements, general knowledge, and habits.
“Dad” Land said it was his dream that every DeMolay should be a Representative DeMolay. The Representative DeMolay program was first established in 1924, and for many years was a competition to select outstanding DeMolays. In 1935, the program was redesigned to fill a growing need for self-evaluation by every DeMolay.

Download “Representative Demolay Application” form here.
Mail completed Application to:
Dad Vince D’Aguanno, Executive Officer. (Email Dad D’Aguanno)
46581 Strathmore Rd.
Plymouth, MI 48170

Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award
The PMC-MSA is granted to a former Master Councilor of his chapter, who has fulfilled certain requirements and has completed this exercise in good planning. Click here to get the requisite forms and requirements!

Lamp of Knowledge
This award is given to DeMolays, Advisors and even Sweethearts who complete all five Leadership Correspondence Courses.

Leadership Correspondence Course (LCC)
The LCCs are now administered through eScribe, which can be accessed by “Clicking Here

Merit Bars

Merit Bars are awards that recognize DeMolays for achievements in some phase of chapter activity.

  • AthleticMerit Bars
  • Attendance
  • Civic Service
  • Conclave
  • Fine Art
  • Fundraising
  • Installing
  • Journalism
  • Correspondence Course
  • Masonic Attendance
  • Masonic Service
  • Membership
  • Merit
  • Priory
  • Religion
  • Ritual
  • Scholarship
  • Visitation

Membership Awards

1 Pin Award
It’s exciting to sign up your first new member. The #1 lapel pin recognizes this important achievement.

Founder’s Membership Award
This award is given to DeMolays who members who are the first-line signers on five membership applications.

Blue Honor Key
The Blue Honor Key is an award given to active and senior DeMolays who are the first-line signers on 10 new membership applications.

Pink Honor Key
The Pink Honor Key is an award given to active and senior DeMolays who are the first-line signers on XX new membership applications.

Sherman C. Parker Jr. Membership Awards

Grand Lodge of Michigan Youth of the Year Award
The Grand Lodge Youth of the Year is an award given to active DeMolay, Rainbow or Job’s Daughter who complete the Award application. The winner receives $ 500.00 and the members Local organization receives $ 100.00
Download the Youth Award_Application 2016-2017 for more information. Deadline is April 1st of each year.

Ritual Awards

Junior Ritualist Award

Senior Ritualist Award

Master Ritualist Award

Deputy Grand Master Ritualist Award

Grand Master Ritualist Award

Chapter Outstanding Awards

Outstanding Sportsman Award

Outstanding Ritual Award

Outstanding Demolay Award

Outstanding Advisor Award

Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year

Golden Gavel

Advisor Awards

Advisor Honor Key

An Advisor’s Honor Key is an award granted to the Chapter Advisor or another member of the Advisory Council on the following conditions:

  • Form 10’s, Advisory Council Registrations, the Annual Financial Report and other required reports are submitted by established deadlines during the calendar year.
  • The net membership must exceed the previous calendar year’s net membership.
  • Initiates must exceed majorities for the calendar year.
  • After yearly reports have been processed, the Service & Leadership Center sends nomination forms to Advisory Council Chairmen of Chapters fulfilling the first three conditions. The form must be completed and returned to the Service & Leadership Center.

If the same individual receives more than one key, a star is added to the background of each successive key. Only one key can be awarded to a Chapter in each DeMolay year.

Guild of the Leather Apron (Advisor of the Year)

The Advisor of the Year honor is designated to give singular recognition to a DeMolay Advisor who in the past year has made outstanding contributions to the growth and success of DeMolay. The Advisor is one who should exemplify the ideals and precepts of the DeMolay in their daily life as well as in their work with the young men in DeMolay. Selection of the Advisor of the Year is at the discretion of the Executive Officer of each Jurisdiction.

Zerubabbel  Key

This award encourages establishing new Chapters or reinstating forfeited Chapters. The individual chiefly responsible for organizing a new or reinstated Chapter may be recommended for the Zerubbabel Key. Up to three Zerubbabel Keys are granted for each new or reinstated Chapter. Each nomination for the Zerubbabel Key must be approved by the Executive Officer of the Jurisdiction in which the Chapter is located. The key should be awarded within one year of the institution of the Chapter.

Other Awards

Traveling Man Award

Hats Off Award

The Hats Off Award is an honor intended for presentation to anyone rendering outstanding or conspicuous service to a Chapter. This service may be in any field related to Chapter activities. It consists of a lapel pin, a card and a certificate. Many Chapters have a dinner in connection with the presentation, or the presentation may be made at an open ceremony such as an installation of officers. Chapters may give as many as they wish and are the sole judges of who receives them. Often the award is used to cite a community leader.