Missing Several Michigan DeMolay Chapter Visitation Traveling Gavels

During the last day of Conclave 2018, the following gavels were presented to the Chapter Master Councilor or an Advisor of said Chapter for the SMC 2018-2019 term.

  • Clifford C. Reeves Chapter (Dad Bell has it)
  • Livingston County Chapter (Dad Zirkle has it)
  • Roseville Chapter (Dad Lambka has it)
  • River Raisin Chapter (Dad D. Myers has it)
  • Port Huron Chapter (Dad D. Myers has it)

The following Chapter Visitation Gavels were NOT handed out because they were not given to Jr. Past SMC Justin L. or the current SMC Brandon S. at Conclave for distribution.

As a State Officer, it is your responsibility to find these GAVELS immediately.  Look in your chapter robe cabinets, other places in your Masonic temple and under your beds, etc., etc., etc.  Someone has them somewhere.

We have the log sheets from 2017-2018 program from the chapters that submitted the paperwork, and if necessary, we will fine said chapter that last reported that they captured that gavel.  Note: There is a $50 (Fifty dollar) restitution fine for any gavel not turned in to the SMC prior to Conclave. If a chapter gavel is turned in immediately, Michigan DeMolay will not charge said chapter.

Thus, it is imperative the the State Officers you inform all chapters to look very hard for the following chapter gavels, as we really do not want to charge the $50 fine for these missing gavels.

This is a list of the missing Chapter Visitation gavels, that need to be found immediately, in order for Michigan DeMolay to distribute them prior to the Chapter Installations .

  • Chain O’ Lakes Chapter
  • Clio Chapter
  • Walt Disney Chapter
  • Wayne Chapter

If you, as a State Officer, have found any missing Chapter Visitation Gavels listed above, please inform SMC Brandon S. and Dad Fulmer immediately.

Lets work as a team and earnestly try to find these Chapter Visitation Gavels.