Michigan DeMolay Frontline First Responder

Joseph is an Active DeMolay from Livingston County Chapter and currently serving as an EMT-B for Swartz Ambulance.

“I love the leadership and comradeship that being a DeMolay brings. I’ve met many of my good friends in DeMolay. There are many people I look up to in DeMolay and I aspire to be more like.”

What it means to me to be a DeMolay?

“It means that no matter what’s going on in my life I have many people who I can talk to with no judgement. I can be the one needing to vent or the one being vented to. I know that I’m there for my brothers and they’re there for me. On my first EMT clinical ride along in Grand Rapids I had a particular rough call. I had a pediatric traumatic full arrest. That call really took a toll on me and when I got in my car to go home then broke down. Luckily grand session was happening in Grand Rapids at the same time and I messaged one of my brothers that I look up to. They just so happened to be at grand session and came to sit with me until my parents came to get me. We talked about the call and many other things and it really helped me process through that call.“

Some things about being a first responder.

“Being a first responder is a very demanding but honoring job. A couple weeks ago I got to assist in the delivery of twins. It’s not every day someone gets to witness the delivery of a baby let alone two babies. That’s just one of the things an EMS provider could experience. We’re there to help on some of the worst days for people. If we’re able to alleviate pain or suffering even just a little bit, I consider that to be good day. We are invited to wittiness the circle of life. We’re there at the beginning and the end. It’s honoring to know that I’m able to help in a multitude of medical emergencies.”