Form 18 – State Outstanding DeMolay Questionnaire

Background, Rules and Regulations

‘Dad’ Ralph Dawson, a Senior DeMolay from Flint Michigan, and ‘Dad’ Harold F. Koch, a Past Executive Officer of Michigan DeMolay, founded Michigan’s Outstanding DeMolay program in 1953 to select the State Outstanding DeMolay of Michigan. Dad Dawson was a Past Master Councilor, a Chavalier, a Legionnaire , a member of the DeMolay Foundation of Michigan, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, and a Past Commander of Detroit Commandery No. 1 Knights Templar.

This program continues to be unwritten through the sponsorship of Detroit Commandery No. 1 Knights Templar. Michigan DeMolay “Chapter Outstanding DeMolay’s” are recognized at their March Chapter Installation with a certificate and a medal.

A select committee of distinguished Detroit Commandery No. 1 Knights Templar members review the “State Outstanding DeMolay Questionnaire” forms, awarding points in several categories, and make the final selection. The announcement and presentation of the impressive “Ralph Dawson Trophy” is made at the annual Michigan DeMolay State Conclave.

The following steps are required in the selection of the Chapter Outstanding DeMolay

Paragraph 1, 2, and 3 are o be read by an Advisor to the Chapter at a business meeting no less than thirty days prior to your Chapter Spring Term Installation of Officers

  1. Without nominations being made, each voting member of your Chapter shall cast a written ballot for the brother, who, in their opinion, should be honored as the Chapter Outstanding DeMolay. The DeMolay selected by the Chapter must be under twenty-one years of age on the date of the Chapter’s balloting. Serving State Councilors are ineligible at the Chapter level. Former holders of the Ralph Dawson Trophy are ineligible at the Chapter and State level. Foremost consideration must be given to Chapter activities during the last year. Consideration should also be given to service to Michigan DeMolay, attitude, leadership, character, reputation and all around development. This award must not be merely a popularity contest. The young man designated must be sincerely, unselfishly, and honestly striving to build his Chapter in every way.
  2. The bollots are to be collected by an Advisor and the results are not to be made known at that time. The Advisory Council, meeting in a closed session, will consider the vote of the Chapter, and after careful deliberation, select the member best qualified and most deserving as outlined above.
  3. The announcement of the Chapter Outstanding DeMolay is to be made at the Chapter Spring Term Installation of Officers. At this installation, the newly designated Chapter Outstanding DeMolay shall be invested with the certificate and medal of the Ralph Dawson Outstanding DeMolay program. Credit is to be given to Detroit Commandery No. 1 Knights Templar, for their sponsorship of this program.
  4. Chapters participating in this program should request the certificate and medal in a sufficient time, from the Executive Officer Jurisdiction of Michigan, for presentation at the Chapter Spring Term Installation of Officers.
  5. The recipient should be given the link to the State Outstanding DeMolay Questionnaire immediately following the announcement at the Chapter Spring Term Installation. The judges from Detroit Commandery No. 1 Knights Templar will have very little or no knowledge of the individual beyond what appears on the questionnaire form. Supplementary lists of accomplishments may be uploaded but quantities of clippings, letters, certificates, etc., are discouraged.

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