Form 13 – Special Dispensation Request

    Special Dispensation form and guidelines (Form-13)

    A Special Dispensation may be used to temporarily set aside certain regulations for the best interests of the Order of DeMolay and your Chapter. Special Dispensations are not issued to any individual , and are only approved for a Chapter.
    Request for a Special Dispensation must be made to the Executive Officer using Form-13 a minimum of two (2) weeks prior
    to the Chapter function or event, and must be signed by the Chapter 'DAD' Advisor and the Master Councilor.

    The Special Dispensation request must contain all pert intent details, including the reason(s) for the request, date(s), time(s), purpose, sponsorship, etc.
    If the Special Dispensation is approved by the Executive Officer, the Special Dispensation FORM-13 will returned to the Chapter 'DAD' Advisor and shall be on display during the period of its usage. A Special Dispensation is only granted for a
    specific time frame and expires at midnight immediately following its us age (midnight of the date(s) requested).

      Some areas for which a Special Dispensation is required, but not limited to:

    • For a Chapter to confer the Initiatory Degree or DeMolay Degree of the Order of DeMolay, for a Masonic Organization (i.e., Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite Club, Shrine Club, etc.) in a location other than in the building where the Chapter meets.
    • To remove Chapter robes, regalia, and/or equipment from the Chapter meeting place.
    • To sell or transfer ownership of Chapter robes, regalia and/or equipment.
    • For the Chapter to participate in a parade.
    • To delay the Chapter Installation of Officers beyond the forty-five (45) day limit after the Chapter Election of Officers.
    • For the Chapter to hold a Special Meeting, or Stated Meeting (Business Meeting, Initiatory Degree or DeMolay Degree) of a chapter in a different location from that established in their Chapter By-Laws.
    • To participate in any charitable project, homecoming, carnival, fair, or other event not entirely under the Chapter's control.
    • To use, or permit to be used, the name of DeMolay in connection not entirely under the Chapter's control.
    • To permit certain persons, other than "ACTIVE" Michigan DeMolay members, to participate on a Chapter Installation Team, or to perform the Flower Talk or other DeMolay Public Ceremonies.

    A Special Dispensation is to be requested when a DeMolay Chapter function is not covered under DeMolay International (ISC) Statutes or Chapter By-Laws.
    If a Special Dispensation is granted, or not granted, the Executive Officer will return a copy of your Special Dispensation request FORM to your Chapter.
    All Special Dispensation shall be entered into your Chapter minutes as a record of their authority for their actions and for future reference.

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