Grand Lodge Youth of the Year Award

Grand Lodge Youth of the Year Award

Grand Lodge Youth of the Year Award

Please pass this information on to all of your Chapter DeMolay members and Advisors.

The Youth Committee of the Grand Lodge of Michigan is pleased to announce an annual Grand Lodge “Youth of the Year” Award for 2017-2018, to be presented to an outstanding member of either the DeMolay, Job’s Daughters or Rainbow for Girls.

One annual award to be presented to a member in good standing of either the Job’s Daughters, Rainbow for Girls or DeMolay.

The recipient of the winning essay will be presented with an award of $500.00. In addition, the recipient’s home Bethel, Assembly or Chapter will receive a cash award of $100.00.

This is an essay contest award and this years content is. . .

“Tell us why a young Man/Young Woman should consider joining your Youth Group, and what will the Youth Group do for them ?"

Applications must be returned to the Grand Lodge Office by March 15th.

Attached is the "Youth of the Year Award" application.

If you have any question(s), please contact. . .

Dad Dean Barr
Youth Committee
Grand Lodge of Michigan F&AM