Perfectors of ritualism, these young men have committed to memory a large part of the work that separates our organization from others.
“Perfect practice makes perfect ritual”

2019Jacob PowersLivingston County
2016Jason GolecPhoenix
2015Quintin CookClio
2014No Recipient Selected 
2013Alex Schultz Roseville
2012Sammy SekanLivingston County
2011Joshua R. LamparRoseville
2010Aaron ProudfootPhoenix
2009Travis GlinskiClio
2008No Recipient Selected 
2007Zachary D. FriesorgerClio
2006Zachary D. FriesorgerClio
2005No Recipient Selected 
2004Daniel T. MassaWalt Disney
2003Matthew RizzoLivingston County
2002Matthew RizzoLivingston County
2001Daniel T. MassaWalt Disney
2000Daniel C. MyersLivingston County
1999Daniel C. MyersLivingston County
1998Peter LickteigAcacia
1997Jonathan L. PremoClifford C. Reeves
1996Ashley D. FulmerClifford C. Reeves
1995Alan R. ZirkleGeorge Washington
1994Alan R. ZirkleGeorge Washington
1993Derek C. ThamarusClifford C. Reeves
1992Derek C. ThamarusClifford C. Reeves
1991Eric R. JohnsonRoseville
1990Michael R. BirchFrank A. Marshal
1989Matthew R. SheltonGeorge Washington
1988Scott W. GreenleeGrand Rapids
1987James A. CareyArchitect
1986Andrew A. GreenClifford C. Reeves
1985Matthew S. UrdanFarmington
1984James A. ColeFarmington
1983James Q. RobinsonThomas J. Collins
1982James A. ColeFarmington
1981William R. WellsFarmington