“May each of you be inspired with the noble purposes of this great Order. May you display enthusiasm that will mold hard work and devotion into success. May you follow in the footsteps of our founder, Frank Sherman Land, by helping young men to be better men and leaders who establish a better world for tomorrow”
Presiding Officer, Advisory Council Installation

Year Recipient Chapter
2019 Earl Robert Reynolds Livingston County
2018 Jeffrey D. Stewart Walt Disney
2017 Larry Ward Clifford C. Reeves
2016 Tony Lawson Wayne
2015 Brian Lambka Roseville
2014 Jon Premo C.C. Reeves
2013 Etta Lampar Roseville
2012 Joseph “Joe” Jerome Cichon Jr Clifford C. Reeves
2011 Jill L. Cherwinski Clio
2010 Alan Zirkle Livingston County
2009 Scott Cooper Clio
2008 David Bodine Walt Disney
2007 Douglas A. Cherwinski Clio
2006 Charles Ingalls Port Huron
2005 Ronald B. Blaisdell Advisor At Large
2004 No Recipient Selected
2003 Vincent D’Aguanno Dearborn
2002 Sherman C. Parker, Jr. Walt Disney
2001 Louis Moore Clifford C. Reeves
2000 Matthew J. McClanahan Livingston County
1999 Donald E. Thamarus, Jr. Clifford C. Reeves
1998 Jeffrey Moyer Acacia
1997 J. Andy Jackson Frank A. Marshall
1996 Donald H. Davis, Jr. Clifford C. Reeves
1995 David O’Connell Clio
1994 Lyester D. Billhymer Roseville
1993 Robert E. Green Clifford C. Reeves
1992 Russel C. Wells Past Executive Officer
1991 David V. Fulmer, Jr. Clifford C. Reeves
1990 James A. Pankas Frank A. Marshall
1989 Armand E. Cote General G. Squire
1988 Benjamin R. Johnston Livingston County
1987 Billy J. Snow Davison
1986 Dennis R. Williamson Advisor At Large
1985 John A. Wallstead Grand Rapids
1984 Russell Helmer, Jr. Flint
1983 Lloyd H. McClain Grand Rapids
1982 L. Wayne Cantrell AuSable
1981 Clarence H. Holtz AuSable
1980 Jack H. Myers Past Executive Officer
1979 Ronald Birch Chipppewa
1978 Jimmie Bennet Findlater
1977 Forrest Carr Acacia
1976 John Brimley Swartz Creek
1974 Robert E. Burgan Utica
1973 Gardner Carpenter William E. Dunstan
1972 Samuel L. Cole, Jr. Farmington
1971 Thomas Shad Highland Park
1970 Vernon Pebley Royal Oak
1969 Marion Tippitt William E. Dunstan
1968 Harold F. Koch Past Executive Officer
1967 Russell L. Borst Charlie Gay
1966 Robert Kujat Macomb
1965 Harold P. Lietz Livingston County
1963 Edsel V. Weitala Redford
1962 Floyd Harris Dearborn