DeMolay is an organization for young men. But even a young man’s organization sometimes needs organizational leadership from gentlemen with more experience. These distinguished men have held the post with which came top legislative power in Michigan DeMolay, to help aid and serve the young men which make up its ranks.

Years Served Executive Officer
2017-Present Vince D’Aguanno
2015-2017 Raymond C. Lemons, MWPGM
2008-2015 Sherman C. Parker, Jr.
2008 Walter F. Wheeler, MWPGM (PR)
2004-2007 Larry M. Dillon, PSMC
2001-2003 Dale C. Edwards, MWPGM
1990-2001 Samuel L. Cole, Jr. PGM
1985-1990 Russel C. Wells, PGM
1980-1984 Mark S. Olson, PSMC
1968-1980 Jack H. Myers, PGM
1950-1967 Harold F. Koch
1947-1949 John F. Lazell
1946 Robert A. Campbell
1945 B.J. Meirow
1943-1944 Ira Jayne
1939-1942 Harold F. Koch
1938 Robert A. Campbell
1937 B.J. Meirow
1931-1936 Elgin Mifflin
1924-1930 No Records
1922-1923 Charles A. Conover