Form 22 – PMC-MSA Summary

As per the “By-Laws, Rules and Regulations” of DeMolay International, I qualify for the Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award for completing the following during my term in office as Master Councilor.

  1. I have memorized all of the Master Councilor’s portion of the Ritual.
  2. as Master Councilor, my Chapter exemplified both degrees from the Ritual of Secret Work from memory.
  3. My Chapter initiated four new members during my term of office.
  4. My Chapter held at least one Social Service, Civic Service, Masonic Service, Athletic Event and Fund Raising Activity during my term of office.
  5. During my term as Master Councilor, I have provided for the observance of every Obligatory Day in my term.
  6. I verified with my Chapter ‘Dad’ Advisor that all Form 10A’s reporting all new initiates were submitted to Michigan DeMolay and that all Form 10’s were submitted within ten days to DeMolay International.
  7. See attached letter summarizing my term, explaining the items listed above, and the results of all activities.
  8. Attached is a letter of confirmation from the Chapter ‘Dad’ Advisor that the retiring Master Councilor has completed the requirements for the PMC-MSA Award.

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